Credit Repair

Effective, Low Cost Credit Repair from United Credit Education Services
ERA Accounting Services provides value to it's clients beyond bookkeeping and accounting. We have aligned ourselves with some of the best quality and top performing companies in the country to provide our clients with services they can trust. One such company is United Credit Education ServicesERA Credit Services is an independent agent for United Credit Education Services.  

The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives consumers the right to dispute any item contained on their credit report and have erroneous and obsolete items removed all together. Because creditors in many cases do not respond to disputes, even items that are accurate can be removed with 30 to 90 days. United Credit works with clients for up to a year to remove as many negative items as possible.

         United Credit Education Services holds and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau after servicing nearly 200,000 clients and has removed over 716,000 derogatory items including over 76,500 public records from client credit reports.


Once you get started with our proven approach to credit education, you can start seeing exciting results in the first 60 to 90 days.* And that's just the beginning. With your ongoing participation, you will continue to experience improved credit throughout our credit restoration process. However, if you are not satisfied at the end of 6 months of service you can request a refund of all but $125.00 and $25.00 per item that was successfully deleted from their credit reports.
What have you got to lose except your less than perfect credit? 
* Results may vary based on individual. 

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