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Shirley Guiducci
8615 Echo Drive
La Mesa, CA 91941
(858) 682-5925


8615 Echo Drive La Mesa, CA 91941  (858) 682-5925

The testimonials we receive highlight the level of attention and integrity we offer every client. Our commitment to providing high quality service and an excellent return on each clients investment is our driving force.
Here's what our they have to say:

Craig Neal

Founder and President of Diamond Level Service, LLC

"In simple terms, I trust Shirley.  I was at a point with Diamond Level Service that I needed help, major help.  Keeping good records and staying current with tax codes etc was overwhelming.  However there was a challenge, my finances were private and I had never shared this information with anyone.  So when I finally made the decision to turn over this part of my business, there was only one person making the top of my list, Shirley Guiducci.  Although she lives in Southern California and I’m in Florida, she made it work.  First she traveled to Florida to organize our operation and in less than a week had us up to date with our entire finances.  Since then, we continue to work with Shirley at ERA Accounting Services.  
Even with the separation of 2,000 plus miles, we would not work with anybody else!"

Leah Slayen

Owner of Clean Slate Organizing

"As a professional organizer, I pride myself on keeping my office and files as organized as possible, but I have never felt confident with my financial/bookkeeping skills.  I honestly dreaded the whole process.  With Dale's encouragement and Shirley's hands-on assistance, I am finally feeling like a pro!  After only three hours, Shirley gave me a strong foundation in navigating Quickbooks.  For the first time I actually enjoy doing my bookkeeping and can't wait until tax time next year when I can just "click on a button" and all my reports will pop up.  Amazing!!  
Now I can feel just as confident with the administrative part of my business as with the work I do with my clients, and that is invaluable." 

Devan Berry

Agent at Aflac

"I give Shirley the highest recommendation! I hired Shirley this year to help me and my business with my books. She truly is an expert at what she does and I felt 100% comfortable knowing that she was going to get the job done and get it done right.
Shirley is professional, understanding and extremely thorough.
 I look forward to our continuing relationship and keeping me on track moving forward."

Isabela O'Meara

Owner and Esthetician at Isabela Skincare

“Until I met Shirley I was looking for a bookkeeper that I could feel comfortable with and trust. From the first conversation over the phone, Shirley had my confidence.
She invited me to meet up with her and she quickly had my business.
She is organized, friendly, knowledgeable and experienced."

Gina Alagata

Founder & CEO at Wink - Women Inkorporated

“Shirley is tenacious at making sure she does the best for your company. She knows her industry well and strives to use her skills for the betterment of your overall company success. She is a hard-worker, honest and very reliable. I have had the pleasure of knowing her personally as well and would recommend anyone to hire her for their accounting needs.”

Shavon Lindley

LPL Financial & Women Evolution

“Within the first 5 minutes of showing Shirley my books she noticed an inconsistency and asked if it was a mistake (which it was). I have very little time on my hands these days
 and when someone can come in to my business and understand my system
within minutes I knew I met the right person for me.
Shirley is extremely trust worthy and I would recommend her to anyone.”

Desiree Wilson

Tax Consultant for Legacy Wealth Transitions, Inc.

“Shirley has helped many of my clients organize their financial lives, prepare for tax filing with ease and for many finally run a business with realistic plans and goals by understanding the flow of money. Having a professional bookkeeper like Shirley is a must have for anyone that wants to run a successful business and she is as good as it gets. Thank you Shirley for providing exceptional service. You are truly a life saver.”

Jan Chadwick

Bed, Bath and Bride - Private Quarters

“I've never used a bookkeeper before but I needed help this year with my taxes. Shirley was referred to me and I am so lucky that I used her services. She saved me hours and hours of tedious work that she smiled about. Her work was thorough, exact, precise and timely. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs a true professional!”

Jill (Schrag) Addison

Founder and Host at The Bloom Channel

“Shirley is the perfect bookkeeper for a small business owner. She's patient and compassionate when explaining new concepts and processes, and she's made her services very affordable for the small business owner. I'm so glad I found her!”

Virginia Ruehrwein

Total Student Support

“I am astounded that Shirley can provide the highest degree of accounting services at the most affordable prices I have ever come across. Shirley is truly invested in helping the small business owner not just to survive but to thrive. Shirley's warm personality makes her fantastic to work with. Her knowledge in her field is unsurpassed. I give Shirley the highest recommendation; hire her and you will not be disappointed!”

Tammy Rimes

Hacienda de la Rosas Winery and Tasting Room

“As a small family business, we have taken care of our bookkeeping throughout the years. However, as we have grown, it has been difficult to keep up. Shirley came in, helped us get organized, made suggestions that helped us track expenses...and made it so much easier. Our 2010 tax process was much easier due to Shirley's efforts...
I would highly recommend her services!”


Shirley Guiducci
(858) 682-5925